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Poetryy Finance is not a bank. Poetryy is a financial technology company. Banking services are provided by Mbanq's Banking partner, Evolve Bank and Trust, Member FDIC.

What makes Poetryy stand out from the rest?

We believe in our communities and the people that serve them.


Traditional banking brought together in an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly platform.


Instant payment gateway allowing P2P payment experiences along with mobile wallet access.


Advanced biometric technology utilizing two-factor authentication and facial recognition.

Simply smart banking

Checking Accounts

Allows you to keep and manage your financial assets, immediately knowing where you stand and what you have available.


Make payments or receive payments from other Poetryy account holders without any associated fees.

Savings Accounts

Providing flexible rewards and returns that can’t be matched by traditional banking. (Coming soon)

Our communities and those we serve are important to us

At Poetryy, we are committed to providing financial services to underbanked and unbanked communities utilizing the latest mobile and digital technology available, making access to money management easier.

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